New Jobs

I gave three weeks’ notice to my company last Friday. The people here are nice but I’ve known from the start that this was not the job for me, and I didn’t want to let myself get sucked in by complacency and routine.

I’ve been receiving some passive income from various ventures I’ve been playing with on the side, and I’d like to give myself some time to help those opportunities grow.

Additionally, I want to spend more time on my writing, which includes the new personal development website I announced last week. I’ve been working on getting that going, and I hope to go live in late July now.

Thankfully I am not leaving all guaranteed income behind: I have begun training as a tutor for PrepMatters in Bethesda, MD, which I will also be working for part-time.

That’s right, I’m trading one full-time job for three(ish?) part-time jobs of varying income potential. And I’m excited about it.